Want to Set Up Shop? This post is for YOU!

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of setting up shop, but have a hard time figuring out want you are passionate about. I’ve found myself at this point many times. I love the idea of running my own shop and I’ve started a bazillion different businesses. But…

I tend to jump into things with the ‘I can do anything’ mentality and it leads to low follow-through rates. Let’s face it, if the passion and skills are lacking, the business won’t survive . A few months ago, I realized I have a problem and so I began this little blog. This way I can experience my love for small businesses and #settingupshop through others. Hopefully one of these ventures will ignite a spark in you.

Here are some start-up ideas for you to think about.

Dog Groomer  – if you love our little furry friends, setting up a cute little pet grooming shoppe would be perfect. You may even be able to set up shop in your home if you check into local laws. You can easily research training courses, tools of the trade, and more online. Other pet ideas include: boarding, pet training, pet food shoppe, dog walker, pooper scoopers (haha, but seriously this is a real business idea and you would be the pooper scooper)

Florist – another perfect little business idea for those floral enthusiasts capable of keeping blooms alive (yours truly cannot). You can take some online courses through Skillshare and this is another fun, creative business that you can do out of you home at a low start-up cost.

Skincare, Hair, Makeup, Lash Salon – these are things I know nothing about and the regulations are probably rigid, but if you have already done the schooling or are willing to, you can run your own salon and it would be amazing!

Wedding or Event Planner – again you could start this from home! Take some training courses online. Reach out to family and friends to gain experience and build a portfolio. Call up a favorite photographer to capture a stylized faux event to build a portfolio. I feel like the start up costs would be pretty low for this business, too.

Organization or Cleaning Service – this could be in the form of closet or home organization company, maid services, carpet cleaning business. If you enjoy hands-on work, if you can’t stand clutter, or if you enjoy working solo, a cleaning service might be something to look into. No rental overhead and little start-up costs are a couple of the benefits of this start-up.

Photographer – whether you are interested in capturing kids, babies, families, weddings, real estate, commercial, or high school seniors, photography is a great start up business idea. Many begin it as a side gig or hobby to gain skills and clients.  The start up cost can be a little on the high end due to equipment costs, but as you gain experience, you can raise your fees to help cover those costs.

Graphic Designer – if you love fonts and creating logos, greeting cards, marketing materials & websites, this might be for you! Your shop will most likely be in the online form, but it’s a bonus that you can work from home with low overhead costs.

Gardening & Landscaping Business – if you have passion for being outside at all times of the year, this could be a start to something fulfilling for you. Offer garden layout services, patio design, rock landscaping and more. You could also run a Greenhouse or Garden Shoppe selling plants, garden tools, and decor. This could be a blooming business!

DIY Classes – maybe you are gifted with pottery making skills, or you know how to create awesome signs, If you’ve ever created items that everyone loves, opening a DIY studio . Open a shop to teach your skills, girl! Sewing, woodwork, painting, photography, create your own anything classes.

Bakery, Cupcake, Donut, or Sweet Shop – one word… YUM. I don’t know that I could open one of these because I would eat all my profits, but if you enjoy baking and decorating, this could be the thing for you.

Online Store – maybe you make items by hand, maybe you offer digital products or services, teach classes, create diy videos, etc. An online store can be just as fun and creative as running a physical store.

Doula – if you love newborn babies, you could get certified to become a doula. Assisting a mother with birthing can be rewarding. You could also combine this career with newborn photography or lactation counseling for supplemental income. If you have a flexible schedule and family life, this could be a great business to begin.

Fitness, Yoga, or Dance Studio – who wouldn’t want to be active all day, making their body and mind better? This could be an easy start-up if you are already practicing yoga, pilates, dance, etc. You just need an small open space or offer classes outdoors… zero overhead!

Small Shop Ideas

Boutique – this is one that I’ve personally done and I loved it. You can do a brick and mortar boutique, an online shop, or a combination of the two. The best part is you get to choose the merchandise to carry and it doesn’t have to be just clothing… shoes, jewelry, accessories, kids clothing, antiques, and lingerie are some of the many possibilities. The start up costs are high, but you could start small and build your inventory slowly.

Cafe. Coffee Shop, Bar, Restaurant – gahhh I would love to be able to open any of these, but I don’t have enough passion, skills, training or money. Wah wah wah. Maybe you do, though! You can find a ton of helpful information online when first starting out.

Cookware Shoppe – if you’re passionate about cooking – maybe look into opening a cookware shop and carry bake-ware, cooking utensils, cookbooks and more. You could run cooking events, speakers, take and bakes and more. The possibilities are endless.

Soap Shoppe – lotions. perfumes, soaps, candles, bath bombs, oh my! A super cute bath & body boutique would be so fun to open up. Maybe you have a passion for organic, natural body care.. this could be right up your alley. Even better if you have the ability to create your own items to sell.

Bookstore – I’ve always dreamed of opening a bookstore with a small coffee shop inside. If you have a love for books, this may be the thing for you. New or used, fiction, non-fiction or a mix, you decide.

Gift Store– I love girly gift type stuff – journals, coffee mugs, lotions, etc – and I think it would be fun to open a shop of just stuff I love.

I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch more start-up ideas. Feel free to comment with any that I’ve missed, I would love to add them!



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