Branding Shouldn’t be a Secret :: SHARE!!

First, I’m sure you have an idea of the importance of branding, but this can really make or break your business. First things first… pay to have a good logo designed for you. This is the one thing you’ll want to invest in. Your logo will be on everything and it will help your customers recognize your business. You could hire a graphic designer or you could go to Etsy and browse ready made logos from designers like Macarons and Mimosas for a fraction of the cost. The only catch is that your logo could potentially be the same as another business. I also offer logo design at an affordable rate if you are looking for something more custom & unique to your brand. Feel free to Reach Out if you’re interested.

Second thing is have a good website that incorporates your logo and branding colors. You can make your own website using templates at PhotoBiz, Wix, Shopify, BigCommerce, or WordPress. You could also pay someone to design one for you. I love designing websites for clients using one of these companies because then I’m able to transfer it over and they can easily make changes and updates as needed.

Vendors I Love:

Moo – I highly recommend them for any business, but especially boutique or small shop owners. Their awesome business cards can double as punch cards, their MiniCards make the perfect price tag or care tag, postcards can be used for sales and events like grand openings, friends & family sales, etc. You can print multiple designs in one pack rather than all of the same design. They run product sales periodically throughout the year so you may want to join their e-newsletter and bulk order when you see a sale. .

Vistaprint – If you are in need of inexpensive, but professional branding materials, Vista Print is where it’s at. I’ve used them for business cards, postcards, lawn signs, window decals, employee shirts, pens, bags, and more. I’ve probably tested out all of their products at one point or another. Plus they are always running sales! Sign up for their newsletter.

Store Supply Warehouse – this is a must-have for any boutique or small shop owner. Not only do they carry fixtures & mannequins, but they also have packaging supplies, signage, and so much more. Speaking of fixtures & mannequins, if you are a local MN boutique owner looking for these items, send me a message – I have a ton in storage that I’m looking to sell. Maybe I have something you could use 🙂

Advanced Graphix – get a scroll sign and some graphics on your windows to let customers know you mean business! These guys can help.

DIY Branding – My favorite way to go, to save some serious dough

If you have some extra money, I suggest investing in a Cricut machine. It will save you $$ in the long run. There’s so much you can do, but mainly I’ve done most of my window and wall graphics using this machine. I used my Cricut machine to create a vinyl decal of my logo to put on the front of my checkout counter and storefront windows. I also took decorative font and made signs for the fitting rooms and different areas of the store.

Head to your local Office Max or online to pick up Avery stickers. Whether you use boxes or shopping bags, you can easily print your logo on these stickers for beautiful packaging. You can also get Avery hang tags to use for price tags on merchandise. Avery has templates that you can add images, logos, text, and even create barcodes that will be compatible with your online inventory software like Square or BigCommerce. And speaking of Square, if you use them for your shop’s register, you can also get Gift Cards that you can brand to your store.

Share the Love!! If you have top notch vendors or branding ideas, please comment or send a message. I plan to cover branding and marketing a lot on this site because I’m so passionate about this topic. You can also email ideas and images of your own branding to and we’ll feature you on Instagram and/or the Blog. Happy Branding!!

** None of these vendors sponsored or paid for this post. These are companies that I have personally used to brand my businesses in the past. Also NinaMarie Boutique is no longer in business. They are used for branding examples only in this blog post. **

Photography by Blooming Portraits


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